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Discover Bahrain Chemicals’ Caustic Soda 50% Liquid (NaOH): Your Versatile Chemical Solution

Welcome to Bahrain Chemicals, your premier destination for high-quality chemical products tailored to meet your industrial and commercial needs. Our Caustic Soda 50% Liquid (Sodium Hydroxide) is a powerful and versatile chemical compound essential for various applications across multiple industries. From water treatment to manufacturing processes, our liquid caustic soda delivers reliable performance and exceptional results.

Key Features:

  1. High Purity: Bahrain Chemicals’ Caustic Soda 50% Liquid is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and purity. With a concentration of 50% Sodium Hydroxide, our product ensures maximum effectiveness in a wide range of applications, from neutralizing acids to saponification reactions.

  2. Versatile Utility: Whether you’re involved in water treatment, chemical manufacturing, or industrial cleaning, our liquid caustic soda is a versatile solution that meets diverse needs. It serves as a crucial ingredient in the production of various chemicals, including detergents, soaps, textiles, and pulp and paper products.

  3. Efficient and Economical: Our Caustic Soda 50% Liquid offers excellent solubility and dispersibility, allowing for easy handling and application. Its liquid form facilitates precise dosing and mixing, ensuring consistent results while minimizing waste. With Bahrain Chemicals’ product, you can optimize your processes for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  4. Reliable Supply Chain: As a trusted supplier of chemical products in Bahrain, we prioritize reliability and consistency in our supply chain. With strategic partnerships and robust logistics networks, we ensure timely delivery of our Caustic Soda 50% Liquid to meet your production schedules and operational requirements.


  • Water Treatment and Purification
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Swimming Pool
  • Petrochemical Processing
  • Textile and Leather Production
  • Food Processing and Preservation
  • Metal Cleaning and Surface Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

Why Choose Bahrain Chemicals?

Bahrain Chemicals is committed to providing top-quality chemical solutions backed by unparalleled customer service and support. With our extensive industry experience and dedication to excellence, we strive to be your trusted partner in meeting your chemical supply needs. When you choose Bahrain Chemicals’ Caustic Soda 50% Liquid, you’re choosing reliability, efficiency, and innovation.

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