Flocculant Jelly for pool Maintenance

Introducing Jolly Gel, the leading swimming pool flocculent in Europe, now available worldwide with customized labeling for customers in over 37 countries. With a remarkable 32-year presence in the market, Jolly Gel (JG4) stands out for its unparalleled effectiveness and widespread acclaim.

Jolly Gel (JG4) is ingeniously designed as small translucent cubes, measuring 5cm x 5cm x 2cm, specifically tailored for compatibility with sand, Zeoclere, and glass filter media systems. Placed directly in the pump basket (not the skimmer), these cubes gradually dissolve as water flows through them on its journey to the filter. As they dissolve, a unique porous, clear glutinous membrane forms over the filter media, effectively capturing even the finest particles of dust and algae spores, penetrating the filter bed to an average depth of approximately 15cm (6″).

During the backwashing cycle, the filter bed lifts, allowing the Jolly Gel formulation to efficiently wash away the accumulated debris and spores, directing them to waste for effortless disposal.

For optimal results when using Jolly Gel for the first time, it’s essential to ensure that the pH level of the pool water falls within the range of 7.2-7.6. Additionally, users should closely monitor the pressure reading within the initial six hours of application. Due to Jolly Gel’s exceptional collection capability, there’s a possibility of pressure build-up in the filter, which may go unnoticed. Once Jolly Gel has effectively purified the water, regular maintenance procedures can resume seamlessly.

It’s important to note that while Jolly Gel is highly effective with sand, Zeoclere, and glass filter media systems, it has not been formulated for use with cartridge or DE filters and should therefore not be utilized with these filtration systems.

Rest assured, Jolly Gel complies with the stringent REACH Status requirements, certifying that all its ingredients meet Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), and its subsequent amendments. With Jolly Gel, you can trust in a product that not only delivers exceptional performance but also upholds the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.